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2018 - Forum of the People of God

Coordinator Jean-Pierre Schmitz has been busy in discussions with colleagues in Aparecida, Brazil.   Preparations are steadily making progress. Jean-Pierre has given contact addresses for organisations who should receive priority invitations to attend.

Plans are being made for twin meetings in Europe and Aparecida in the summer with a Skype connection between them.

Associated organisations in France have begun fundraising for the Forum.



We hear that rooms have been booked in Aparecida for 200 participants for the 2nd Global Forum of the People of God

Friends in Brazil are currently looking into the possibility of setting up a dedicated website for the 2018 Forum.

Iglesia Descalza offers us this reflection

By Bishop Emeritus Pedro Casaldáliga (English translation by Rebel Girl)

Que sea Navidad, la verdadera.
Las barbas crecidas y blancas,
y los supermercados del consumismo,
deben quedar al margen.

Y nosotros debemos plantarnos en medio del egoísmo
y negarnos a la profecía absurda,
para abrir espacio al llanto y al canto de la solidaridad
y al grito de los pequeños y excluidos.

Que sea verdad todo lo que decimos en la liturgia y el folclore.
Que sea una Navidad de las raíces de Belén,
el Misterio de la Encarnación llamándonos a hacer Reino cada día.

Que sea Navidad, que no nos perdamos la Navidad.

Let it be Christmas, the real one. 
The long white beards
and the supermarkets of consumerism
should be left aside.

And we must stand in the midst of selfishness
and refuse the absurd prophecy
to make room for the sobs and songs of solidarity
and the cry of the least and the excluded.

Let everything we say in liturgy and folklore be true.

Let it be a Christmas from the roots of Bethlehem,
the Mystery of the Incarnation calling us to build the Kingdom every day.

Let it be Christmas, let us not lose Christmas.


The Second Global Forum of the People of God will take place from the 15th to the 18th of November 2018 at Aparecida in Brazil”

It will be prepared by local or national Forums of the People of God in different parts of the world.

« The Second Global Forum of the People of God will take place from the 15th to the 18th of November 2018 at Aparecida in Brazil”

It will be prepared by local or national Forums of the People of God in different parts of the world.


During the Council 50 gathering held in Rome in November 2015, it was decided to organize, along the lines of the declaration Council 50, a series of Global Forums of the People of God to contribute to express the sensus fidei/fidelium about the renewal of our Catholic Church in the spirit of the Gospel and of Council Vatican II, a Church for the 21st century able to enlighten our world for becoming a world of peace, social and economic justice, and solidarity, a world respectful of Human rights, equality between men and women and preserving our planet.


The first meeting of the international organizing team in charge of the organization of this series of forums took place on 6-7 November 2016 in Rome. Following the very attractive proposal of the Brazilian team, it was decided that after the 1st Global Forum of the People of God held with success in November 2015 in Rome, the “2nd Global Forum of the People of God” will take place in 2018 from 15th to 18th of November 2018, in Aparecida where the 5th Conference of the Latin America and Caribbean region conference took place in 2007.


Details on the goals and organisation of this 2nd Global Forum, its preparation by local and regional “Forums of the People of God” and the ways to contribute to these forums in order to express the sensus fidei/fidelium, will be given in letter info n°2 that will be mailed in the forthcoming days.


Jean Pierre Schmitz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), coordinator


P.S.      Please note that, after having accomplished a great job, François Becker decided to resign due to his age, and in accordance with his recommendation, I was appointed coordinator. I am progressively, and with his strong support, taking over from François the coordinator responsibility.