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Konziliare Versammlung vom 18.- 21. Oktober 2012 in Frankfurt am Main


Zeichen der Zeit – Hoffnung und Widerstand


Conciliar Assembly October 18-21, 2012, Frankfurt/Main – Germany


Signs of the Times – Hope and Resistance


„Überall fragt man heute danach, was es wohl bedeuten solle, Christ-Sein heute. Ist eigentlich eine sonderbare Frage. Zweitausend Jahre haben wir jetzt Christentum – und doch müssen wir fragen, was Christ-Sein heute bedeutet...“ Mario von Galli SJ, 1966


 Mit Erinnerungen und Zeugnissen unterstützt von Bild- und Tondokumenten wollen wir besonders an diesem Eröffnungsabend zur Konziliaren Versammlung vom 18. bis 21. Oktober 2012 dieser Frage nachgehen und sie ins 21. Jahrhundert holen. 



Message of the Counciliar Assembly, 

18 - 21 October 2012 


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The Second Vatican Council was the beginning of a beginning: the Catholic Church set out to enter into the modern and plural world ? a world in which the gap between rich and poor continues to grow. It rediscovers Jesus’ face ? in the people’ fears and hopes, especially of the poor and harassed. The Council was also a time of dawn in a church that wanted to overcome clericalism. But obsolete church structures still hamper a credible proclamation of the Gospel.

50 years later Christian women and men in parishes and federations, church agencies, grassroots groups and reform organizations move forward on the same path: uncovering and re?igniting the glowing of the Council’s set off. As God's people migrating through the troubles and conflicts of our time we are united by the will of living today the legacy of the Council and of the counciliar process for justice, peace and the preservation of creation, by recognizing the “signs of the times” and practicing alternatives to the neo?liberal domination of capital greed and profit. 

The Counciliar Assembly showed that there are many Christian groups and initiatives, which have taken concrete steps to create the conditions in our world for a decent and nature friendly life for all people. They refuse a political and economic thinking and acting that would have us believe that there is no alternative to the capitalist global order. The certainty that another world is possible is in our opinion intimately linked to the message announced by Jesus of the Kingdom of God and which the Council made us newly aware of. This other world of God appears as a sign when people share what is necessary for a decent life.

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