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Newsletters often contain many links.  As these can change over time we present a list, which we hope is up to date, on the left hand column.

Dear All,

Our last letter of information (N° 3) was issued in March 2017,

Our first intent was to issue this letter after the meeting of the Brazilian preparation team originally scheduled in Aparecida on September 9th. Since that meeting has been postponed until September 30th, an additional letter will be set up taking into account the report of that meeting.

The main topics developed in this letter are the following:

  • Preparation of Aparecida Forum, meeting of June 25th, 2017
  • Other events (Year of Laity in Brazil, Synod of the Youth, …)
  • Contacts with other organizations
  • Proceedings of the 1st Forum of the People of God (Council 50)
  • Communication
  • Finances and Fund raising

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Dear All,

Our last letter of information (N° 2) was issued in November 2016, a few days after the meeting in Rome of our coordination team.

As agreed during that meeting, we intent to inform periodically on progress of actions being carried out in view of future gatherings designated as ‘Forum of the People of God”.

We remind that the first Forum occurred in Rome one year earlier (November 2015) under Council 50 designation.

The main topics developed in this letter are the following :

  • Setting up the GCN coordination team
  • Preparation of the 2nd Forum to be held in Aparecida (Brazil) in November 2018
  • Relations with Church hierarchy
  • Links with other gatherings already initiated in the same spirit
  • Communication
  • Budget and Fundraising
  • Book on Council 50 (1st Forum of the People of God, Rome November 2015)

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