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Introducing the book [ French ]

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In November 2015 in Rome, the Council 50 gathering, now designated as the 1st Global Forum of the People of God, was a highly significant event. Delegates from all continents participated.  This gathering, organized in the same spirit as for Vatican II, is a part of a process that contributes to explicit the “sensum fidelium/sensusfidei”. It gives to communities, movements, groups, associations and parishes, which during the last 50 years worldwide made germinating seeds sowed by the Council Vatican II and developing new practices, the opportunity to give their point of view onto the reforms inspired by Gospels and the spirit of the Council Vatican II to be implemented in the Church. It is not a celebration of the past, but an impulse towards the future of our Church, people of God. Fifty years after the Vatican II Council closing, it opens new perspectives for the People of God in the 21st century, which implies unavoidable and deep changes for renewal in the Catholic Church.

We are very glad to publish on our website the book edited by François Becker on the Council 50 event. François was the leader of the event preparation work which started several years before. He also managed the huge work of collecting all elements and setting up the book that presents an overview of the preparation, the content and the follow-up of the first Global Forum of the People of God.

The main contents of the gatherings, which are included in the book, show how fruitful was their diversity. This concerns in particular the speeches of our speakers originated from all continents, as well as the exchanges in the workshops on many issues.

The “Council 50 Declaration” elaborated during the Gathering is also in the book and can still be endorsed on our website.

It is emphasized that this 1st Global Forum of the People of God is the first step of a multi-year process:  The book announces the creation of the Global Council Network (GCN) and the forthcoming 2nd Global Forum of the People of God which will occur in Aparecida, near Sao Paulo in Brazil on November 15-18, 2018. Our GCN Brazilian team, supported by our coordination group is already working hard on the preparation (see details on the Information letter N°3 on this website).

From the contacts we have, it appears that interest for GCN actions is growing in various countries. The book on Council 50 should be very useful.

Jean-Pierre Schmitz
GCN Coordinator

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