Global Council Network

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the 2nd Vatican Council - 11 October 2012

Council 50 Project– A New Aggiornamento

proposed by We Are Church Intl. and the European Network Church on the Move

The Second Vatican Council was a remarkable step towards opening the Catholic Church to the modern world and it generated important hope. The decisions of the Council are being strongly revised by a reactionary part of the Catholic Church, supported by the positions of Benedict XVI.

This is why We Are Church Intl., during its Annual Council in 2008, and the European Network, during its Annual Conference the same year, agreed upon the proposal to bring the Council 50 Project into being.

Working alongside all movements and associations who are interested, the Project will encourage large meetings of the People of God in each country, culminating in a world meeting of the People of God in Rome on the anniversary of the closure of the Second Vatican Council. (7th December 2015) The theme of the assembly will be “a Church for the 21st century”.