Global Council Network


We resolve that participants in this gathering in Sao Paulo will return home committed to call on the People of God each in our own country along with numerous other countries throughout the world to host a national Plenary Council, with its own National Conference of Bishops consulted and invited to join, and with young people at the core. The overriding purpose would be to re-found our Church based on Gospel values and in the spirit originally intended by Jesus Christ. The topics would be determined according to the particular needs of each region but generally would include the most pressing issues of our time: the laity having a deliberative voice in church governance, women’s equality, the inclusion of sexual minorities, a path for the divorced and remarried to return to the Sacraments, tribunals to oversee the sexual abuse crisis with lay leadership at the helm, and a concerted effort toward ecumenical movements.

These national Plenary Councils would then be the lead up to the 2nd Global Forum of the People of God, having broad representation from numerous organizations and regions of the world. This build up has the potential to give the Forum far greater creditability and influence. Imagine what might come of this: perhaps, after Francis having called several Synods of Bishops, the Spirit guided him to finally be inspired to call a Synod of the People. And this, in turn, could lead to calling the 3rd Ecumenical Council picking up where Vatican II left off.